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Please read through all our Frequent ask questions. If you do not see a question you are looking for please feel free to reach out to us via text, email, phone or though our social media pages.

Where are the parties held?

Parties are held at you home in the driveway, parked in front the house or at your preferred venue. Remember we bring the spa party to you!

Is there a travel fee?

The first 15 mi is complimentary Locations out of the radius will be charged a $2/mi. Please use maps to check your miles from Penn Mart Shopping Center in New Castle,DE

Would family and friends be able to stay on the bus?

Due to limited space we allow the adults aboard the bus for the first 15 mins of the party to get pictures. After that all adults will ask to disbar the bus and will now have access to view the party on the bus through a video system. 

Do we offer bus transportation?

Unfortunately we do not transport people on our bus. In the near future we will have a separate transportation option. 

Are food allowed on the bus?

No we do not allowed outside food on the bus. Cake and treats is acceptable. We will provide the girls some refreshments while on the bus.

What if the weather is bad?

The rain does not stop our parties! If there is a storm then we will have to discuss the options and decide from there.

Is there a age limit?

All guest must be between the ages of 3- 16.

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